FaceTune: The ugliest beautification out there

Facebook is good for a bunch of things, not the least of which is discovering new products. The ‘Promoted’ posts pop up constantly in the news feed about everything from a new local coffee house to sales at Target. And while the new coffee house is a great find, there’s no stopping very unwanted products from showing their ugly faces.

Enter: FaceTune.

If you’re on FB, you’ve likely seen it. Take a picture of your ugly face, and use this app to smooth it, tweak it, slim it, and look just like the unrealistic magazine photos. Got zits? No you don’t. Got freckles? No you don’t? Got cheeks? No you don’t. Not anymore. FaceTune gives you the tools of a professional Photoshop “artist” so you, too, can look like someone better than you.

This is the lowest of the low. This is not the same as a bride on wedding day asking for a pimple to be smoothed out by an experienced photographer. This is teaching people to change themselves. That they should change themselves. Because your freckles are ugly. Your eyes are set back too far. That scar above your eye has got to go. You’re not right.

On the FaceTune website, you can watch tutorials. Not all are horrible. There’s nothing wrong with changing poor lighting or running some focus filters. But then you come across a tutorial for “Reshape Basics” where you can learn to change your bone structure. What? Changing the lighting only alters the way your face shows up in the photo, but reshaping your face … well … reshapes your face. Other tutorials include “Remove Eye Bags” and “Acne Removal” — both born of the premise that there are things wrong with your face that you should change.

Videos posted from organizations like Upworthy have done a lot over the past few years to show just how much glamor photos are altered, turning average-looking faces into the ones that average-looking people want to have. These posts are done to pull back the curtain; FaceTune is the curtain. FaceTune’s goal is to set society back by reinforcing the importance of not just perfection, but unattainable perfection. People are starting to understand what’s real and what isn’t (at least more than they ever have before) when it comes to images in magazines because of posts from Upworthy. FaceTune’s beautification app is as ugly as it gets.

“Powerful and Easy To Use Portrait Editing App” is the tagline. The sad part is that it it’s accurate. It is powerful. It has the power to stall the development of a society that is inching away from the “perfection-or-nothing” mentality. What’s next? ThighGapp? (Get it? Thigh Gap App? … awful, right?). It’s an ugly thought that comes from the same ugly concept that FaceTune lives on.



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